Joyful Dressing – Autumn Winter Nephele Style

Joyful Dressing – Autumn Winter Nephele Style

The kids are back at school, the mornings are most definitely getting colder and darker and it’s time to bring out the autumn wardrobe and start to think about all things cosy…or is it? The vibe on the autumn/winter runway this year was by far less cosy winter warmers and more party. Drab colours are out and this season and it’s all about bringing joy in to your wardrobe, which let’s face it, is something we could all do with at the moment. The big themes this season all centre around the idea of having fun and playing with your look. Think colour and sparkle, bright block colours and you're heading in the right direction.


One of the big themes on the catwalk this season is looking at body positivity and simply dressing how you want and quite frankly, not giving a damn. This is the sort of message we can all get behind. Why shouldn’t we just wear things that make us happy, after all we have collectively suffered in the last few years and with a bleak outlook in the near future with prices rising and a recession, we need to get our happy fix when we can. Don’t just save that sequined jacket for the Christmas party, wear it to work. Normally wear black tights, but want to bring a little colour to your wardrobe, switch those tights for any number of light colours as this was big on this seasons runway.


Another big theme was gender fluidity. This was big in Spring/ Summer and we have a feeling that this really will be here to stay. We think we need to thank the likes of Harry Styles for this and the positive message he has fostered around wearing what the hell you like and still looking 100% fabulous. It’s probably no great surprise that flared leggings are currently in for both men and women, the bolder the better, long fringes on jackets and tops and ultra-long, sleek gloves are also big.


Colour wise, we are still looking at your classic Autumn tones, greens, oranges and purple, but as far as fashion trends go this season they need to be bright. At Nephele HQ we aren’t ready to hang up our cosy knits and go all out party just yet. We love getting in to the autumn hygge vibe and would much rather mix our cosy autumn style with some absolutely banging accessories instead. That way you get the best of both worlds, autumn cosiness mixed with block colours and bold prints that say you are ready for a party any time of the day.


With the recent launch of our two in one bags, we can offer both block colours and bold prints in one beautiful bag and we hope to offer our customers more choice at a great price. Essentially you are getting two bags for the price of one, use the colour block for the office, then you can switch it round to the wild animal print for that work lunch. Not only are they great value for money, made with our signature leather offcuts that are otherwise destined for landfill, they are also even more sustainable that our usual bags given that you have two choices of bag in one. What are you waiting for, get searching on the website for Rayar, Ailia, Pip, Viv, Izzi, Emme and Tamzin.

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