The Spring Edit – Go Bold or Go Home

The Spring Edit – Go Bold or Go Home

Spring has officially sprung, even if someone hasn’t quite told the weather just yet. It’s time to put away the winter woollies (or most of them at least), to say goodbye to the big coats, the muted greys, blues and blacks and welcome some spring-time loveliness with open arms. Bluebells and tulips are popping up, trees are blossoming and as the outside world bursts in to a kaleidoscope of colour, so must our wardrobes. The theme this spring is bright and bold and we are not going to lie, at Nephele HQ this is very much our type of vibe.


Block colours are big news on both the runway and the high street this spring. From fuchsia pink to lime green, it really is go bold or go home. Let’s be honest, there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to dress up over the last two years. Lockdowns, working from home, endless zoom calls, we have all enjoyed a more relaxed style of dressing, but as the world opens up again, it’s out with the sweat pants and in with the bold, brilliant and beautiful.  Fashion always seems to have its moment after catastrophic global events, a rebellion of sorts, where we kickback against all the misery and heartache and start to dress happy. After World War One we had the roaring 20’s, flapper dresses, cloche hats and feathers galore. Perhaps post covid, bright colours are our mini rebellion, taking us to our happy place and giving us just the right kind of medicine for our wardrobes.


Matching trouser suits in block colours are the way to go if you are going to take the plunge and dive in to the brights trend. There are plenty of fabulous options on the high street at the moment and paired with a white shirt or t-shirt and one of our new Lucy or Amy bags, which really are little magical pops of colour joy, you can’t go wrong. If you aren’t quite ready to go the whole colour hog just yet, your favourite jeans paired with a plain t-shirt and bright blazer will do the job nicely, and as no outfit is truly complete without a Nephele bag, one of our Mavis or Elizabeth’s would add a definite spring vibe to your wardrobe.


Another key trend this spring that we are head over heels for is animal print. As animal prints really are what we are all about at Nephele, we are so excited about this particular trend. Animal prints were featured in the likes of Stella McCartney’s and Valentino’s Spring/Summer 22 runway shows and there are some totally epic options on the high street at the moment. A good spring wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a go-to dress so why not try an animal print option? Leopard or zebra, pick your tribe and go wild. We have some gorgeous Eadie full print bags in a range of animal prints, or why not try one of our new Carli’s or Lynne’s if you want to inject another pop of that spring colour into your outfit?

The main theme this spring is just to have fun with your wardrobe and be bold. We can’t wait to see what you are all pairing your Nephele bags with.


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