Our Aim

Nephele is here to change your perception of sustainability, creating beautiful & bold leather handbags, whilst reducing waste. With a desire to move away from the domination of fast fashion, Nephele’s aim is to create sustainable pieces that are made to last.

Sustainability and Fair Trade

Each bag is hand-crafted using eye-catching pieces of leather offcuts destined for landfill. Partnering with a fair-trade company that make our bags in India, we help support over 80 families whilst continuing to reduce waste. Skilled craftsmen & women create beautiful and individual pieces. Sustainability runs to the heart of our product, our stylish packaging is also eco-friendly. One customer described receiving a Nephele package as ‘like opening a gift to yourself’.

Unique & Always Evolving

By repurposing beautiful pieces of leather, each bag is unique; every colour & print combination is a complete one off, and you can be sure that no one will ever have your bag!

The Nephele range is constantly evolving and growing and we listen very carefully to our customers to create accessories that work for every lifestyle. 

At Nephele we are delighted to bring you pieces that you will love forever, that will last forever and will change your idea of what sustainability looks like.