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Introducing the Ruby bag! This stylish midi bag boasts a generous size, making it perfect for carrying all your essentials. Available in a range of vibrant colors, the Ruby bag is sure to add a playful touch to any outfit. The long extendable shoulder strap ensures maximum comfort, while the pockets and internal zip provide ample space to keep your belongings organised. What's more, the Ruby bag is made from upcycled leather, making it an eco-friendly choice for fashion-forward individuals.

Approx 22cm x 20cm x 7cm

Please note: leather is a natural product which means it will never be blemish free. Due to the leather being recycled you may see some minor blemishes to the leather, these blend into the overall tone of the leather over time, we inspect all of our bags one by one, inside and out to ensure we are fully happy with them before sending them to you.

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